So do you what to know how the Relay World Championship came about? It all started in 2012 when I simply thought that a relay race around the Big Island, Hawaii would be pretty cool. My sister lived there, so why not? However, at that point my brother and I had just launched another relay. But in the spirit of making dreams come true I bought a domain name and started a Facebook page (which has finally evolved to the existing Relay World Championship page). Over the next few years I strategized on how to to bring this dream to fruition but LIFE kept happening, Including four young kids, race director for 2 other relays, directing a full series of road races, my other “side” jobs and an unexpected & heartbreaking divorce. In 2015 I finally decided a relay around Hawaii Island needed to happen. BUT something unexpected happened that can only be described as wave of inspiration flood all over me and it came out of nowhere. Instead of producing another standard relay I felt impressed that this one needed to be something bigger, something special, and most definitely along the lines of a “qualifying relay”. It would be a gathering of the “Best of the Best” relay teams from all over the world. This idea had never crossed my mind before. I immediately went to work with excitement, enthusiasm and great anticipation because I could not ignore or deny that the idea of a Relay World Championship came from a source beyond myself and that its creation was somehow connected to the furthering of my life’s purpose. I eagerly started the journey designing a logo, website and creating a course. All while talking to my friends, family and other people connected to every area of the industry that I could think of and I started to build a team.  To give the RWC the best shot at taking root we felt the Hawaii would not be the best place to start but someday I hope it will reach a level that teams will be begging us to make a Hawaii a reality.  Until that point we are so pleased to give you the Relay World Championship and hope you will join us August 19-20, 2016 in the spectacular Ruby Mountains of Nevada.

Anne Simmons – Founder & RWC Race Director


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