There are many potential hazards in a race of this type including but not limited to: automobile traffic, road and trail conditions, and weather. We ask that all teams please take appropriate precautions to insure a fun and safe event. Each van is required to have a safety officer/navigator that is awake at all times. The safety officer is responsible for making sure that the team always is thinking safety first. The safety officer must be seated in the front passenger seat and may be rotated between team members. The safety officer must be someone other than the driver.

Each person MUST have 1 orange safety flag, 1 reflective vest, 1 head lamp & 1 tail lamp and they must wear them between the hours of 6 PM and 7 AM. Reflective safety vest alone must be worn until 9 AM. Any participant (not just the runner) who is outside of their team van during nighttime hours must wear a reflective vest. Acceptable reflective vests must have reflective material on the front, back and shoulders. Approved vest: Standard Reflective Vest, Running Reflective Vest and Reflective Harness. Unapproved reflective vest: Reflective belt, Reflective sleeves and Clothing with Reflective piping. Teams are required to show safety items, for inspection, at team check-in. After the inspection, teams will be issued the official RWC slap wrap bracelet and allowed to participate. Good examples of safety gear: CHECK BACK. Failure to meet this requirement will result in immediate disqualification for the entire team. Bring extra batteries for lights and lamps.

Foot or bicycle pacers are not allowed on the course. No dogs or other animals are allowed to accompany participants on the course. No rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles, strollers, scooters, skateboards, and any other device that may endanger others or put a runner at an advantage over other participants.

Headphones/buds or any other music devices on the head are NOT allowed. Runners found wearing headphones or buds will incur a 30 minute penalty. A good example of a reflective vest with built in speakers BELOW THE HEAD: (Check Back). Music must be at a sound considered appropriate to both the general public and other participants. Runners must still be able to hear instructions to both the general public and other runners. If a Volunteer or Race Official deems the music too loud, the participants must turn down the volume immediately. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

We will have limited medical staff on hand. First aid personnel will be stationed at all major exchanges and the finish line. They will be equipped to handle only minor sports injuries. Note that we do not have enough Band-Aids, moleskin, and ice to give to every runner. Make sure your vans are stocked with first aid supplies and ice. Teams are required and responsible for supplying an adequate first aid kit for each vehicle to treat blisters, abrasions, headaches, heat exhaustion, and other common ailments. You may consider bringing ice for injuries related to soft tissue trauma.
Please plan ahead for how you will handle any emergencies. A list of local medical centers and emergency rooms has been provided. It is the responsibility of the each team to be aware of the locations of these facilities and their hours of operation. Call 911 in an event of a severe emergency and then call 000-000-0000. Local EMS Units will be on call and prepared to respond to emergencies. If you are out of cell range and are not able to reach 911 start driving toward the nearest hospital until 911 can be reached. It’s imperative that each team and each individual runner take personal responsibility for their safety and the well-being of their body. If you feel dizzy, nausea or in any way impaired, STOP running! Weather & elevation may be your biggest obstacle so please plan accordingly.

Northern Nevada Regional Hospital – 2001 Errecard Blvd. Elko, NV 89801

No traffic or police are promised to protect participants from traffic along the course. Be very careful at all times as you enter and exit vehicles. One safety flag per vehicle is required and must be used if team members cross the road to greet active runners day or night. (You will be required to show your safety flag, head & tail lamp and reflective vest at the team check-in on Thursday).

All runners must obey traffic/pedestrian and j-walking laws. Cross at a crosswalk if there is a crosswalk in sight, no crossing the road with more than two lanes (one lane in each direction) and roads with a total of 3 lanes or more may be crossed at cross walks.
Vans must obey both minimum and maximum speed limits, no stopping on the roadway, no illegal U-turns, pull off the road completely when stopping/parking, no parking in non-legal parking area, no following runners to illuminate the road, turn off headlights when parked but turn on parking lights for better visibility to regular traffic, do not stop or slow down in places that will impede traffic or runners and do not turn your hazard lights on.

Runners will be alone on the course at times. The following rules and suggestions should be noted:

*Team Vehicles are encourage to stop somewhere along each leg to watch for their runner.
*Team Vehicles are permitted to “Shadow” runners during nighttime legs only. “Shadowing” means that a vehicle parks a couple hundred yards ahead of their runner. Once the runner passes, the vehicle waits until the runner is a couple hundred yards ahead again, etc. Vehicles must obey traffic laws and are not permitted to follow behind runners at the runner’s pace.
*No vehicles will be allowed to follow behind participants to illuminate the road during night-time legs. These vehicles severely impede traffic.
* Runners must wear reflective safety vest, a headlamp & tail light and anyone outside the vehicle, at night, also must be wearing a reflective vest.

We ask that all drivers be alert and drive at posted speed limits. Be sure to leave adequate time to arrive at exchange points so that there is no temptation to speed. Please be courteous of runners on the road. Be careful not to blind them with high beam light, and move over while passing them. No parking is allowed along the road within 500 feet prior to an exchange. Parking is allowed in designated areas only after the exchange point marker. Please park off road as far as possible, watch for participants, and stay alert to other traffic. We also ask that you be courteous and respectful of the cities, towns, and venues. Park in sensible locations and avoid residential locations like people’s homes. Please follow signs and race volunteer directions. Every member of the team (including drivers) must have his or her own reflective vest. Everyone that is out of the vehicle on the course at night MUST wear a reflective vest from Dusk to Dawn. This includes exchanges, shoulders, roadways, and parking lots adjacent to the course.

The race will occur rain or shine. However, under certain severe weather conditions where significant damage or alterations to the race occur, we reserve the right to cancel the event. Be prepared! We recommend you pack a  jacket, long pants, and gloves for early morning and night running and extra clothes.

The course may offer a little of everything. We ask all vehicles to slow down in these types of areas to reduce the amount of dust that is generated.

If a runner encounters any aggressive wildlife, flooding or lightening on the course, get your runner into your support vehicle and drive ahead a safe and reasonable distance and then let him or her out again. Keep track of how far your van drives ahead by .10 of miles and report mileage and speed traveled at the finish line. We will take your team’s overall average pace, the mileage and speed driven and adjust your team’s time accordingly. Only teams that have taken accurate notes will be given official times.

Send a text message to 000-000-0000 to report violations. Include who, what, where and when in your text message. We will have Course Marshals on the course monitoring teams for safety and adherence to all rules. However, we cannot monitor all areas of the course at all times. Please report teams that you believe to be violating rules. Reported violations will be taken under consideration in determining violations or disqualification.