Division                    Requirement 

Open                         One or more under 30

Submasters             All 30+

Masters                    All 40+

Silver Masters         All 50+

Gold Masters           All 60+

Corporate                9-12 Employees from the same business

Public Service         9-12 Service

High School             Students age 14-18

Family                      9-12 Must be related


Elko County Resident Teams

Relay Race Director Teams

Charity Winner Teams

Class                        REGULAR (7-12 Runners) / ULTRA (3-6 Runners)

Men                           7-12 Men / 4-6 Men

Women                     All women

Mixed                        6 or more women / 3 or more women

Mixed Class with 10-11 members must have a minimum of 5 women.
Teams with 8-9 members must have a minimum of 4 women.
Teams with less than this number of women will default to a men’s class.
Any team with 1-5 men, with the rest comprised of women, will be classified
within the mixed class.

The RWC will be capped at 100 total teams